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Here's what some of our previous attendees have to say

Kate K, Wellness Coach

Jennie is amazing! Intuitive, welcoming, and has the kindest soul. Meeting her was a turning point for the better in my life. The first time we met in person was at her Shamanic summer day retreat at her house. I didn’t know anyone there but still instantly felt invited in and accepted.

The flow of the retreat was fantastic. It was put together very well. Jennie and her other practitioners were loving, open, and confident. The friendships made and what I learned about shamanic healing that day were impactful and I’ll never forget it. She is someone that not only is very knowledgeable but it is easy to see that she is passionate about sharing with others. What an experience!

Brad C, Entrepreneur and Roofer

They put a lot of work into making a great retreat. I would say the highlights were the great food, good DJs, and overall a laid-back atmosphere.

Jade A, Artist

My time at the Summer Solstice retreat with Jennie and Leah was absolutely transformative. I was able to be myself fully and completely without worry of judgment from the organizers or the other attendees. Everyone accepted me, quirks and all, and made me feel welcome, listened to, and loved.

Jennie helped me realize multiple paths in my life I hadn’t considered, and taught me to view the world through a different lens - her motto? Heart over Ego. Leah lead us through calming yoga, rituals, and ceremony that helped me get in touch with my inner being, and really pushed me towards beginning the healing process. If you have any interest at all in experiencing something new, I highly recommend you consider attending one of these fabulous retreats.

Cassandra T., Entrepreneur/Alchemist

A couple of months ago, I stepped WAAAAYYY outside my comfort zone and attended a retreat. It was such a magical amazing time. It felt great to be out in nature and connected with some dope ass people who embrace all of who they are. It was beyond amazing. 


If you are looking to catch a vibe, you will not regret attending!


Shana C, Doula

Mid-summer Solstice Retreat was an amazing, radical experience for me. I went in with an open heart and desire for whatever my heart was seeking to be revealed. The guided meditation, cacao ceremony, and ecstatic dance class did exactly that.

I came home changed and forever grateful for that experience and the soul connections I was able to make during the weekend.

Sheryl A, Artist

I enjoyed the High Vibe Retreat in Pecos, NM.  It was just the right length on a Friday night to Sunday morning.  The food was all raw vegan and delicious.  We had just enough events that it was fun and engaging without being too heavily scheduled with time to relax and talk to the others. 


We were right next to the river and the sound of the water was very calming and relaxing.  No one claimed to be "more spiritual" than anyone else.  We were all equals and everyone shared.  I enjoyed the Chi Gong in the morning.  I really enjoyed just the time to be away and do some relaxing with other like-minded people away from the stress of every day life. 


Mary S, Healer

Connected and Refreshed! This was an amazing experience!

I feel I’ve made friends for life, been able to let go of some harmful patterns I’ve been holding onto, and remembered who I am. Thank you Sarah, Jennie, Jessica, and Katrina.

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