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Healing Offerings

All sessions performed by Jennie McDaniel
founder of 5D Presents

Energy Reading

Balance/read chakras/move energy

Shamanic Journey

 I take the client on a vision quest to parallel (past) lives. There we receive guidance and knowledge, sometimes symbols and/or symbolic trinkets.  

Tarot Reading

Tarot reading - I specialize in a 6 month spread

Quantum Karmic Healing

I do deep past (parallel) life, pattern (karmic) breaking. Often a combo of above treatments, minus tarot. 

Past Life Reading

 I tap into parallel lives of the client.  And offer general knowledge about said lives. 


I can channel most any entity 🔮

Twin Flame Coach

Old soul relationship coach.


General relaxation/guided meditation, into a deep subconscious training session. Generally used to break habits and regress to past lives. 

In Your Home Day Retreats

Gather your friends and family to learn the ways of a mystic. Classes taught : learn to read past lives, develop your psychic abilities, psychic imagery 101, learn to alchemize energy and how to monetize your passion. 


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