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About 5D Presents

5D Presents is a spiritual collaborative movement. The intention is to further humans along on their spiritual path by bringing deep awareness in the way of: weekend retreats, day events, workshops, classes and more.  The facilitators offer, metaphysical workshops, breathwork, sound work, chakra, art, ceremony, yoga and bodywork classes, as well as guest speakers.


What makes a good spiritual growth retreat?

A good spiritual growth retreat consists of: a beautiful and safe location, skillful teachers and facilitators, time to process content and to make new friends.  

What do you do in a spiritual retreat?

Typically, at a spiritual retreat, you're guided through a day or weekend of ceremony, healthy food, workshops, classes, nature walks, connectivity with like-minded individuals and more.


Our goal is to alchemize fear, stress, and anxiety into love, acceptance, and curiosity. 

And to teach you how to, too.  We believe this will bring ease and grace to your personal spiritual and human experience as well as radiate out into the multi-verse. 

Making you part of the solution.

Jennie is a crystal child who started receiving psychic messages at a very young age. 


Her upbringing was in the Midwest and rather normal except for her unquenchable curiosity for the paranormal and metaphysics. Being born in the late 70s and growing up in the 80s she didn’t have a lot of resources for psychic teachers and connections. But as the 90s come in so did the occult (thanks goth). Here she’s introduced to many different psychic tools and studies. Not knowing what she wanted to do after high school she skipped town and moved to Detroit. The underground rave scene was hot and the small-town girl dove in. 


Flash 5 yrs later and that’s when the professional healing career begins. In 2002 in Kalamazoo Mi, she enrolls in a Massage Therapy Program.  This is when her skills really started blooming. 

Massage was a vehicle for practicing all her eclectic skills. Within the first year, she realizes she is a natural energy worker.  Clients would see colors and symbols or take home incredible levels of joy, lasting for days.  After several similar comments from clients, she started digging deeper into the energy work world. Within a year or two the channeling and “seeing” of past lives started coming in more often. At first, it was sporadic then it became more reliable. 

Not long after in 2009, she decided to sell her business the Holistic House in Plainwell MI and move to Boulder CO.  Since then she’s built and collaborated in over 10 businesses, lived in 5 states and added 8 more modalities to her repertoire…so far. 


Stay turned. There’s so much more to come. 

Jennie McDaniel Founder of 5D Presents 

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